Fuel management

Licensed Professionals in Gasoline & Diesel Sales, and in Fuel Dealer & Transportation Services

Akata Global, which has received an official Motor Tax Fuel license from the State of Maryland Comptroller’s Office, is one of only a handful of minority woman owned and certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) whose service and product offerings are in the petroleum industry and who is also a licensed fuel supplier, dealer, transporter, and service provider. The company, which is certified as a minority woman owned firm by the U.S. Small Business Administration, The National Minority Supplier Diversity Council and by the Maryland Department of Transportation, has nearly 100 full time employees and is headquartered in Columbia Maryland, with an additional regional offices in Raleigh, NC. Akata Global has been providing high level bulk fuel management and logistics services to the U.S. Department of Defense (DLA) through various military agencies for 14 years. The company also has resources, suppliers and a joint venture partner that has been in the petroleum industry for over 100 years, who owns and operates nearly 500 gas stations, has a large fleet of fuel delivery vehicles and equipment, and has the proven capacity to supply hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel per year to our customers.

We look forward to working with your company or organization to assist you with achieving your fuel services and sales needs.

Petroleum Merchant Wholesaler Services

• We are confident that allowing our team to manage your petroleum wholesaler needs, will allow AKATA to offer your company or organization a significant savings when on your petroleum needs.
• Bulk/Wholesale fueling will also eliminate the driving time that your employees regularly waste on a daily basis as they go back and forth to retail gas stations. Our bulk fueling plan will improve the efficiency in your operations and subsequently improve your bottom line.
• By allowing Akata Global to provide bulk/wholesale fueling services to your company or organization, you can rest assured that retail fuel margins will no longer be relevant once you begin purchasing wholesale rack product that can be delivered anywhere in the United States.

Commercial/ Industrial Support

Our partner is
Now one of the top-most trusted sources for commercial/ industrial support needs in the MidAtlantic region and has the capacity to assist Akata Global and our customers with their commercial/ industrial support needs anywhere in the country.
Akata Global will take the worry out of your business with dependable products and services that will keep your business going strong all year around with these fuel sales and service

• Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
• Fuel Filtering
• On-Site Tank Loans and Sales
• Generator Fueling
• 24/7 Service, 365 Days a Year

Fuel Dealer Services

Akata Global can provide fuel transportation and delivery for the 21 st Century.

• Along with our joint venture partner, we are dedicated to reliably delivering diesels and gasoline safely, efficiently, and promptly.
• Every year, our joint venture partner’s focused and highly trained drivers put 4 million miles on our well-maintained, modern fleet of fuel carrier trucks in order to provide our customers with the very best service possible.
• Our team has forged a path of safety, compliance, and excellence. The key features of our top- notch fuel transportation services include:

-An emphasis on safety
– Large, up-to-date, modern fleet
– Dedicated, knowledgeable, focused drivers
– An on-site fleet maintenance team
– Remote tank inventory management.

– Automatic product delivery
– Convenient 24/7 service
– Highly trained, HAZMAT-certified drivers
– Respect for our employees, including generous driver benefits and compensation packages

As a certified minority woman-owned company, Akata Global is also proud to have achieved these accolades:

• Named to the Inc. list of “America’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies”
• Recognized as one of the “50 Fastest-Growing Woman-Owned Companies
in North America” by American Express Open and Women Presidents’ Organization
• Named a 2017 top 100 MBE award winner

• Increased gross revenue over 630% from 2011-2016
• Increased staff count over 525% from 2011-2016
• Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
• Fuel Filtering
• On-Site Tank Loans and Sales
• Generator Fueling
• 24/7 Service, 365 Days a Year